Our roadmap outlines our plans for the future. We aim to continuously improve our platform, adding new features and capabilities. We plan to expand our ecosystem, integrating with more blockchains and adding more tools for merchants and developers. Our development timeline provides a clear path for our progress, ensuring that we stay on track and deliver on our promises. Note: Solana decentralized wallet on iOS and Android is already launched, Following is new roadmap that defines the current and future development. It may change or vary based on the upcoming events and blockchain updates. Payment Protocol on BNB CHAIN: Phase 1: Development (Q3 2023): Our team of experts will focus on extensive research and development to ensure the scalability, security, and efficiency of the Payment Protocol on the BNB Chain. SDK Release (Q4 2023): We aim to release the Payment Protocol SDK to a select group of developers, allowing them to start exploring the capabilities and providing valuable feedback for further improvements. Beta Testing and Public Release (Q1 2024): We will conduct rigorous beta testing to gather insights and refine the Payment Protocol SDK based on real-world usage scenarios and user feedback. Sale & TGE - We are expecting to launch PPAY for trading by Q1 of 2024 at the time of BTC halving.