Past Milestones and Achievements:

Q1 2022: Laid the foundational stones with initial company setup, web presence, and the commencement of product development.

Q2 2022: Developed Android APK + iOS Test Flight on Devnet, marking our foray into practical application development.

Q3 2022: Successfully released iOS and Android APK on the Solana Mainnet, introducing PocketPay to the Blockchain ecosystem.

Q4 2022: The aftermath of the Luna and FTX crash brought challenges, prompting us to halt marketing campaigns and reassess our strategies in the face of a prolonged bear market.

Q1 2023: Despite market conditions, we enhanced our whitepaper, incorporating comprehensive merchant solutions and laying the groundwork for future developments including Web POS, Android POS, Terminal, and Dashboard.

Q2-Q4 2023: Continued development efforts in silence, focusing on refining and expanding our product suite in anticipation of a more favourable market environment.

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